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a¥uyapi (n.) bread. Literally: they burn it on.
a¥uyapi a¥u¥u (n.) toast. Literally: burnt bread.
a¥uyapi çe¥u¥uyapi (n) frybread. Literal Translation: Fried bread.
a¥uyapi do (n) bread dough.
a¥uyapi napoya (v.) to bake bread. Lit: causing bread to rise
a¥uyapi ohna ßpaåyapi (n) bread pan.
a¥uyapi wihdi uå ka¥api (n) frybread. Literal Translation: Bread made with oil.
a¥uyapipsuåkadaå (n) muffin.
aa (n.) mold. (adj.) moldy.
¶aå (v.i.) to be vain.
¶aå (n) nerve, tendon, ligament, or sinew.
aamna (v.t.) to smell moldy.
aåpa (n.) daylight.
aåpahotuåna (n.) chicken. Literal Translation: Makes his sound at dawn.
aåpakabdeza (n.) daybreak.
aåpao (n) dawn, daybreak.
aåpetu (n.) day.
aåpetu (kiå) de (n.) today.
Aåpetu Inuåpa (n.) Tuesday. Literally: Second day.
Aåpetu Itopa (n.) Thursday. Literally: Fourth day.
Aåpetu Iyamni (n.) Wednesday. Literally: Third day.
Aåpetu Izaptaå (n.) Friday. Literally: Fifth day.
Aåpetu numnuåpa wi (n) February; the moon of two different kinds of days.
Aåpetu Tokaheya (n.) Monday. Literally: First Day.
Aåpetu Wa¶aå (n.) Sunday. Literally: Holy or sacred day.