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word primary definition secondary definition
zuzuheça, zuzeça (n.) snake.
zuya (v.) to make war.
zuåte (v.) to be serious, not joking.
zitka™o (n.) bluejay.
zitkataåka (n.) blackbird.
zitkadaå (n.) small bird, generic name for all small birds.
ziçasapedaå (n.) quail.
ziça taåka (n.) turkey.
ziça (n.) squirrel.
zica (n) turkey, pheasant, partridge.
zibzipedaå (v.) to be thin or fine. (Used for inanimate objects like cloth or silk. Not used to say a person or animal is thin; see tamaheca.)
ziåtka (n.) bird, generic name for all birds.
zi wiçaßta (p.n.) the Asian Nation/People.
zi ßkopa (n.) banana. Literally: yellow curve.
zi (adj.) yellow. (v.) to be yellow.
zaptaå (n.) five (5).
zani (v.) to be healthy.
Zake Oyate (p.n.) the Sac Nation.
yutitaå (v.) to pull.
yute/a (v.t..) to eat something. (specific)
yutaåiå (v.) to make apparent.
yußtaå (v.) to stop, quit, permanently finish, complete, or be done with.
yußna (v.) to miss or drop something.
yußiåyaå (v.s.) to be surprised.
yußdoka () to remove or take off, as an article of clothing.